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Choose your color and design.  Koala Baby brand bibs are machine washable, non-chlorine bleach when needed. Available designs include:

Auntie Says I'm CUTE

Daddy's Little GIRL

Daddy's Little SPORT

Grandma's Little ANGEL

Grandma's Little Monkey (with monkey)

Mommy's Little Star

BREAKFAST... the most importand meal of the day!

LUNCH ... a delicious mid-day treat!

DINNER ... time to wind down a busy day!

SNACK ... anytime is the right time

feel Like a munch (with giraffe)

Is there anything on my face?

Little Teethe-o-saurus (with dinosaur)

Party my crib 2 am BYOB (bring your own bottle)

50% MOMMY 50% DADDY / 100% PERFECT

Which design would you like on this bib?

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